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Episode 56: Relative Dementias

In this month's episode, we examine a BBC Past Adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, Relative Dementias, by Mark Michalowski.  From the back cover:

'Do Time Lords get Alzheimer's disease?' asked Ace.  'Oh, we get far worse things than that, Ace.  The dementias that plague us are much, much older.'

Collecting his mail in the London of 2012, the Doctor and Ace are called through time to south-east Scotland to help out an old friend - an old friend who's vanished.  They find themselves at Graystairs, an Alzheimer's clinic and a place of healing, where the patients seem to be gaining a new lease of life.  But whose life is it?

Why is the Doctor so reluctant to reveal what happened in the TARDIS before their arrival?  Why are cats and dogs - not to mention people - disappearing?  Who is the shadowy figure stalking the Doctor and Ace?  And what is the secret of the mysterious Miss Chambers, whom no-one remembers meeting?

Soon the Doctor and Ace find out the hard way that actions have consequences - and that there's more than one kind of dementia.

Relative Dementias is set squarely between "Battlefield" and "Ghost Light".  Mark Michalowski, aside from a number of short stories for the Short Trips series and scripts for Big Finish in the Iris Wildthyme series, also wrote the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventure Halflife.

Grab a pint, sit back, and relax as we discuss Relative Dementias.

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