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Episode 25: The Ghosts of N-Space

It is, or it was (sorry, people, we’re two days late) January, and that means it’s time for another Virgin Missing Adventure.  This time around we discuss The Ghosts of N-Space by Barry Letts.  Yes, that’s the same Barry Letts who was the television program’s show runner during much of the Pertwee era.

True to form, Letts penned this little tale featuring his favorite cast of characters: the Third Doctor, Sarah Jane, and the Brigadier.  The novel is based on a radio play broadcast in 1995, a sequel to another play called The Paradise of Death.  The story is nestled between the television stories “Death to the Daleks” and “The Monster of Peladon”, a time during the series when the Doctor was permitted to travel freely in his TARDIS, although he remains earthbound in The Ghosts of N-Space.  From the back cover:

‘When the barrier gives way the planet will be flooded by all the evil in N-Space.  And, at the moment, I have no idea how to stop it.’

Sarah Jane Smith, on holiday with her chum Jeremy and a bad case of writer’s block, is amazed to find the Brigadier in the same part of Italy.  He is there to help a distant relative whose tiny island home has been threatened by American mobster Max Vilmio.

When the ghosts that haunt the island’s crumbling castle are joined by less benign spectres, the Brigadier summons the Doctor – who discovers that the whole of mankind is threatened by the plans of the ruthless Vilmio and his mysterious, hooded henchman.

This book was Letts’ first foray into writing a novel for Virgin, but it was not his last contribution to the wide range of Doctor Who original novels; in 2005 he published Island of Death, a BBC Past Doctors Adventure featuring, of course, the Third Doctor and Company.

Grab a nice Italian glass of red vino and sit back and relax as we review The Ghosts of N-Space!

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Episode 24: The Time Travellers

For those of you that we’re sitting on the edges of your seat at the end of last month, waiting for December’s episode, we apologize that we’re a little behind.  Occasionally real life does get in the way, and busy holiday plans on both our parts forced us to release the December episode a few days into January.

This month we present a discussion of The Time Travellers by Simon Guerrier, a BBC Past Doctors adventure featuring the First Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and Ian.  From the back cover:

‘Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension, to be exiles?’

24 June, 2006.  The TARDIS has landed in London.  Ian and Barbara are almost back home.  But this isn’t the city they knew.  This London is a ruin, torn apart by war.  A war that the British are losing.

With his friends mistaken for vagrants and sentenced to death, the Doctor is press-ganged into helping perfect a weapon that might just turn the tables in the war.  The British Army has discovered time travel.  And the consequences are already devastating.

What has happened to the world that Ian and Barbara once knew?  Hoe much of the experiment do the Doctor and Susan really understand?

And, despite all the Doctor has said to the contrary, is it actually possible to change history?

The Time Travellers was Simon Guerrier’s first novel, and most recently he has written the New Series Adventures The Slitheen Excursion and the acclaimed The Pirate Loop, both featuring the Tenth Doctor.  Aside from his work with the Doctor Who series, who also wrote novels for the shows Primevil and Being Human.

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