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Episode 3: The Eight Doctors

Our third selection marks our first venture into the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures and it is....*cue fanfare* The Eight Doctors!!! Aren't you just thrilled?

The Eight Doctors (ISBN 0-563-40563-5) was written by one of Doctor Who's most important figures, Terrance Dicks, and was published in June, 1997. The first original Eighth Doctor novel, it tells of the Eighth Doctor's first adventure after the events seen in the TV Movie. From the cover:

'Trust the TARDIS...'  

Recuperating after the trauma of his recent regeneration, the Doctor falls foul of a final booby-trap set by his arch-enemy, the Master.

When he recovers, the disorientated Doctor looks in a mirror and sees the face of a stranger. He knows only that he is called "the Doctor" — nothing more. But something deep inside tells him to trust the TARDIS, and his hands move over the controls of their own accord.

The TARDIS takes him to a strangely familiar junkyard in late-nineties London, where he is flung into a confrontation between local drug-dealers and Samantha Jones, a rebellious teenager from Coal Hill School.

But the Doctor soon finds the TARDIS transporting him to various other places in order in order to recover all his memories — and that involves seeing seven strangely-familiar faces...

After the heaviness of our previous selection, it seemed like a good idea to pick something lighter, and what could be lighter than the (we believe) last official multi-Doctor story to feature appearances by all of the Doctors?! So, find a copy and get reading. Episode three will be released sometime in mid-March.

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