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Episode 43: The Roundheads

First off, we apologize for the lateness of “July’s” episode, but as it happens sometimes, real life got in our way.  This episode we’re happy to bring you one of two Who books penned by Mark Gatiss, The Roundheads.  From the back cover:

'I tell you — we will cut off this King's head.  Aye, with the crown on it!'

It is December 1648.  Although victorious over the Cavaliers in the Civil Wars, the Roundheads are struggling to retain power.  Plans are afoot to spirit King Charles from his prison, and the Doctor and his companions become embroiled in the intrigue...

Ben finds himself press-ganged and on board a mysterious ship to Amsterdam.  Polly is an unwitting accomplice in the plot to rescue the King, and the Doctor and Jamie find themselves arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London under suspicion of conspiracy.

Can the Doctor and Jamie escape, managed to find Ben and Polly and still ensure that history remains on its proper course?

Of course, Mark Gatiss is well known for writing such televised episodes as “The Unquiet Dead”, “Cold War”, “The Crimson Horror”, and (gulp!) “Victory of the Daleks”.  After Russell T. Davies, he’s probably the author with the highest profile whose work we have read.  Before The Roundheads, Gatiss wrote the Virgin New Adventure Nightshade.  The Roundheads remains one of the very few (two, by our count) pure historical adventures published in the four main ranges of books.

Pull up a mug of ale and sit back and relax as we discuss The Roundheads!

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