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Special Episode: An Interview with "Who is the Doctor" Authors Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

We interrupt our regular reviews of Doctor Who novels with an interview with Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?, authors of the recently released Who is the Doctor, an in-depth (and, wow, we mean really in-depth) assessment of the new series, from “Rose” all the way through to “The Wedding of River Song.”

In eight months, Graeme and Robert studied each and every story, taking notes on practically every aspect of the program, from those great punch-in-the-air moments to the awkward bits that don’t make much sense or, quite frankly, are just plain bad.  It all culminated in 421 pages of literary goodness that will inspire and delight.

Please enjoy our interview with these fine gentlemen as we discuss Who is the Doctor.  Also, remember to follow the podcast on Twitter via @dwbcpodcast, Erik via @sjcaustenite, Sean via @tardistavern, and Graeme Burk via @graemeburk.

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Episode 16: Business Unusual

This month it’s Business Unusual by Gary Russell.  From the back cover:

 A security force with no official identity... a managing director with no name... a sinister creature on guard patrol resembling some kind of hellhound... SeneNet is no ordinary multinational company...

 The Doctor arrives in Brighton, 1989, traveling alone. He soon discovers his old friend, the Brigadier, has gone missing investigating SeneNet, whose new interactive games console is soon to be released at an absurdly reasonable price. He was last seen at their headquarters — based in the picturesque Ashdown Forest...

 Investigating further, the Doctor becomes more and more entangled in a deadly web of intrigue. Together with Mel, a plucky computer programmer from Pease Pottage, the Doctor must overcome the conspiracy of silence, rescue the Brigadier and save the world once again — something that would be a lot easier if he just know where to start...

This novel is of note for a couple of reasons.  First, as you can likely tell from the back cover, it is the first appearance of Mel Bush, whose first meeting with the Doctor was (cleverly) overlooked in the television series.

Second, this is a sequel to the Virgin Missing Adventure The Scales of Injustice, also by Gary Russell.  We talked about Scales way back in Episode 5, so you might like to take a gander at that before you listen to our review of Business Unusual.

Third, this novel, like its prequel, features the return of one of Doctor Who's recurring monsters.  We won't tell you which, but if you go back and read the back cover very, very carefully you'll likely figure it out.

So quick!  Grab Business Unusual and watch this spot for its release within a week or so.  My crystal ball tells me this might be another polarizing episode, but I've been proven wrong in the past.

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