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Episode 58: The Last Resort

WE'RE BACK!  After a short hiatus, during which we read a book and ditched all efforts at trying to record our discussion of it, we decided a change is as good as a rest and tackled a new selection, The Last Resort by Paul Leonard.  As is our annual tradition, we recorded "live" from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, but due to circumstances beyond our control, Erik (for the first time ever in The Doctor Who Book Club history) was unable to join us.  Instead, Sean is joined by our friends Felicity Brown and Jeff Elston as we discuss the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventure The Last Resort.  From the back cover:

'I think time and space just fell apart.'

Anji isn't sure, but then it's hard to be sure of anything now.  Good Times Inc. promised a new tourist experience, with hotels in every major period of human history - but that kind of arrogance comes with a price, and it's a price the Doctor doesn't want to pay.

As aliens conquer an alternative Earth, Anji and Fitz race to find out how to stop Good Times without stopping time itself.  But they find that events are out of control - they can't even save each other.  And when the Doctor tries to help, it gets far worse.  At the Last Resort, only Sabbath can save the day.  And then the price gets higher...

You may remember Paul Leonard from the Virgin Missing Adventure Dancing the Code, which we reviewed back in Episode 44.  He also brought us Speed of Flight, Toy Soldiers, and Genocide.

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