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Episode 57: Millennial Rites

Better late than never, we bring you our discussion of Millennial Rites by Craig Hinton, a Virgin Missing Adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor and Mel.  From the back cover:

'The millennium, Mel: the last New Year's Eve of the Twentieth Century.  But it's definitely not party time.'

England, 1999: the Doctor and Mel have come to London to celebrate the new year with old friends - and to heal old wounds.  But others are making more sinister preparation to usher in the new millennium.  A software house is about to run a program that will change the fabric of reality.  And an entity older than the universe is soon to be reborn.

When Anne Travers' fear of the Great Intelligence and millionaire philanthropist Ashley Chapel's secret researches combine, London is transformed into a dark and twisted mirror image populated by demons and sorcerers.  Only the Doctor can put things right, but his friends have also been shockingly changed and he cannot trust anybody - least of all himself.

Hinton has written a small handful of books for three different ranges of Doctor Who novels, and this is the first time we've read any of his work.  Fun Fact: he was the person to originally coin the term "fanwank", which he proudly used to describe his own work.

Pour yourself some very old scotch from a very old decanter and sit back and relax as we review Craig Hinton's Millennial Rites.

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