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This month we discuss a book by prolific Doctor Who author Paul Leonard, Dancing the Code.  From the back cover:

‘The Brigadier’s going to shoot you, Jo,’ the Doctor said grimly, ‘and then he’s going to shoot me.  Both of us are going to die.’

The Doctor builds a machine designed to predict the future.  It shows the Brigadier murdering him and Jo in cold blood.  Unable to tell where or when this event is destined to occur, the Doctor and Jo decide that they must stay apart.

Jo is sent on a top-secret mission to the war-torn Arab nation of Kebiria.  But upon arrival, she is immediately arrested and consigned to a brutal political prison.  The Kebirians have something to hide: deep in the North African desert, an alien infestation is rapidly growing.  And the Doctor and UNIT soon discover that unless stopped, the alien presence will spread to overrun the entire world.

You may know Paul Leonard from such books as Venusian Lullaby, Speed of Flight, and the Bernice Summerfield Virgin novel Dry Pilgrimage (co-authored with The Fall of Yquatine author Nick Walters).  After 44 episodes, it was inevitable that we covered a book written by Leonard, since he has penned so many.

So, pull up a cup of honey wine, and relax, as we discuss Paul Leonard’s Dancing the Code.

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