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Episode 42: The Face-Eater

This month we present our first discussion of a novel by veteran Doctor Who author Simon Messingham, it’s The Face-Eater, a BBC Eighth Doctor Adventure featuring Sam and…well, the Eighth Doctor.  From the back cover:

The Doctor and Sam arrive on Proxima II, one of the earliest planets colonised in humanity’s first big push into space.  But instead of a brave new world, they find a settlement rife with superstition and unrest.

The native Proximans are inexplicably dying out.  Humans too are being killed in horrific ways, with each face being stripped bare.

Posing as investigators from Earth, the Doctor and Sam must track down the force moving through the dark catacombs beneath Proxima City.  It seems that the superstitious whisperings of the colonists may be well founded – that the sinister Face-Eater from Proximan mythology has awakened from its long sleep, to drive out all those who would defile its world…

(Note: Despite the title of the book and what it says on the back, no faces were eaten in this story.  Yeah, we were kind of disappointed, too.)

You may know Simon Messingham from his New Series Adventure The Doctor Trap, as well as Zeta Major, Tomb of Valdemar, The Indestructible Man, and The Infinity Race.  So…sit back, heat up a cube of non-alcoholic bourbon, and listen in as we discuss The Face-Eater.

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