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Episode 31: The Tomorrow Windows

What happens when you add 12 to this month’s episode number?  You get 42.  Thus, we present our discussion of Jonathan Morris’ The Tomorrow Windows, one author’s take of Douglas Adams possible take of an Eighth Doctor adventure.

Although Morris may be best known for his Big Finish work such as Bloodtide and Flip Flop, this is his third novel in the BBC range, preceded by Festival of Death and Anachrophobia.  He is still actively turning out audio stories, and can be heard narrating the mini-documentary “Paris in Springtime” on the “City of Death” DVD release.  Do we predict a call from Steven Moffat in the future?

From the back cover:

There’s a new exhibition at Tate Modern – ‘The Tomorrow Windows’.

The concept is simple: look through a Tomorrow Window and you’ll see into the future.  You’ll get ‘The Gist of Things to Come’.  According to the press pack, the Tomorrow Windows exhibition will bring about an end to war and suffering.

Which is why someone decides to blow it up.

Investigating this act of wanton vandalism, the Doctor, Fitz, and Trix visit an Astral Flower, the show-world of Utopia and Gadrahadradon – the most haunted planet in the galaxy.  They face the sinister Ceccecs, the gratuitously violent Vorshagg, the miniscule Micron and the enigmatic Poozle.  And they encounter the doomsday monks of Shardybarn, the warmongers of Valuensis, the politicians on Minuea and the killer cars of Estebol.

They also spend about half an hour in Lewisham.

Pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey and sit back and relax as we discuss The Tomorrow Windows.

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