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Episode 30: Lungbarrow

It took us 30 episodes, but we finally got around to it: this month we present our discussion of possibility the most iconic novel in the Virgin New Adventures, Lungbarrow by Marc Platt.  You may fondly recall when we reviewed Platt’s Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible back in Episode 10.  Platt also wrote “Ghost Light” as well as a number of stories in the Big Finish range.  Needless to say, despite the limited amount of stories he’s contributed to the Doctor Who canon, his work is influential if not controversial.  From the back cover of Lungbarrow:

‘Nonsense, child,’ retorted the Doctor.  ‘Grandfather indeed!  I’ve never seen you before in my life!’

All is not well on Gallifrey.  Chris Cwej is having someone else’s nightmares.  Ace is talking to herself.  So is K-9.  Leela has stumbled on a murderous family conspiracy.  And the beleaguered Lord President, Romanadvoratrelundar, foresees one of the most tumultuous events in her plant’s history.

At the root of all is an ancient and terrible place, the House of Lungbarrow in the southern mountains of Gallifrey.  Something momentous is happening there.  But the House has inexplicably gone missing.

673 years ago the Doctor left his family in that forgotten House.  Abandoned, disgraced and resentful, they have waited.  And now he’s home at last.

In this, the seventh Doctor’s final New Adventure, he faces a threat that could uncover the greatest secret of them all.

Pour yourself a nice tall glass of Gallifreyan ale and sit back and enjoy as we try to pick apart Marc Platt’s Lungbarrow!

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