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Episode 28: Independence Day

It’s July in April, because this month we bring you an honest and sometimes hilarious review of Independence Day by Peter Darvill-Evans (and we must insist that this book has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the film of the same name).  From the back cover:

‘Danger is my middle name,’ Ace said, ‘or it would be if I had more than one.  I can look after myself these days, you know.’

Freedom.  Liberty.  Free will.  Independence.  Choice.  Everyone wants to be free.  But at what point does freedom become irresponsibility?  What happens when one person’s choice causes another’s oppression?

The Doctor’s on a simple mission to return a communications device he borrowed years previously.  Being a Time Lord, he can return it before anyone misses it.

But events in the Mendeb system have moved more quickly than the Doctor estimated, and he lands in the ruins of a civilisation devastated by mysterious intruders.

That sounds so prophetic and mysterious, doesn’t it?  If you’ve read the book, maybe you can shoot us an email explaining what the front cover is all about.

Peter Darvill-Evans was an editor at W.H. Allen, Ltd., the company that published the Target novelizations of the televised stories, and he later became an editor for Virgin.  Much of the content for the Virgin New Adventures crossed his desk, and he even wrote an entry in the series himself, entitled Deceit.  Independence Day is his second Who book, and a year later he published another BBC Past Doctor Adventure, Asylum.

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